oThEr Rejsers
reGisTer meeE!

Stockholm Winter Clash 2005

Plan is to start the race at 10.00 decmber 10th with a jam in a 1.80cc straight course.
We'll then move on to two different special courses (pro/am). We are aiming at 6 runs
per racer in each course, but if things runs very smooth we might get 8.

Need somewhere to stay? Talk to the stoCKholmers!

09.00-09.30 Registration - practice, warm up
10.00 straigth jam
13.00 special jAm
first am then pro in each category

Awards cermony at the race, and then party at a secret place

Register here or send email to Klangster or Macster - we know - you know their emailadress.

This is a casual race. It's good to meet and skate, even though its in a garage.
The surface is good but somewhat dusty and doesn't have supergrip but is smooth.
Startramp will be a the race, but the low ceiling sets the limit for what is possible.
The ramp is about 50 cm, but stable and gives enough speed for a good race.

We'll do our best to provide a fun, fast and enjoyable race - bring the smiles - see you there!

Map of where the garage is located. Augustendalsvägen 15 (or close) is the adress.
If you don't know how to get to the garage, some people will meet up at Coyoteboardstore saturday morning between 8-8.30

start LiSt Am Straight
start LiSt Am spEcial
start LiSt pRo Straight
start LiSt Pro spEciaL

reSults Am Straight course - TOTAL with all runs included
rESULTs LiSt Ams ONLY Straight course
rESULTs LiSt Women ONLY Straight course
rESULTs LiSt Juniors ONLY - Straight course
rESULTs LiSt Ams spEcial - TOTAL with all runs included
rESULTs LiSt Ams ONLY spEcial
rESULTs LiSt Women ONLY spEcial
rESULTs LiSt Juniors ONLY spEcial
rEsults pRo Straight
Resluts Pro spEciaL

Thanks for coming! Hope you all had a good time! /Marcus